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Process automation

We design, manufacture, install and commission control cabinets for following applications:

  • Automation of process heating where as an energy source gas or any other fuel can be used. Thereat a strict safety requirements must be meet, especially if gas is used as a fuel. For that reason we use only certified high-grade Elster Kromschröder components for monitoring and controlling safety functions on industrial furnaces. For controlling all other functions we use certified components from reputable manufacturers.
  • Monitoring and controlling gas supply in commercial kitchens, laboratory rooms, teaching rooms and technical work rooms. We manufacture, install and commission complete systems (valves, filters, pressure switches, together with control cabinet).
  • Automation of heating and cooling for residential and other buildings. We can include all available heat sources like heat pumps, gas or solid fuel boilers, solar systems or waste heat. Heat exchange can also be achieved in many ways like by radiators, floor or wall heating, fan coils, and so on. While designing the process automation we always take care of maximal energy savings.

  • Process automation requires close cooperation between facility designer and control cabinet designer, with the aim for the most accurate and safe process operation. At the same time it is necessary to fulfill strict standards both when manufacturing and designing the control cabinet and the process by it self. Here we often combine the best equipment from various producers.
  • For our control cabinets we use only components from reputable producers.

Selection of the components for the automation process is dependent on the complexity of the process and user demand. So the processes can be automated by simple relay automation up until the complex PLC systems.