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Hot air heaters

Elster-Instromet B.V.

Elster-Instromet B.V. is manufacturer of Ermaf Gas and Oil heaters and Ventilators. In the field of livestock applications, Elster-Instromet B.V. has already more than 40 years of practical experience with Ermaf heating equipment. The heating equipment has been developed especially for a worldwide use in the intensive stockbreeding (chickens, turkeys and pigs) applications, but also for greenhouse applications. Our special heaters based with stainless steel components have a very good reputation worldwide.

The high quality equipment with an intelligent burner system makes it possible for you to use gas and oil economically, safely and in an environmentally-friendly way.

Product range:

The complete program consists of Gas- and Oil-fired heaters with capacities between 14-120 kW for both stationary and mobile use. The program further contains Ventilators for air circulation in greenhouses and stables and also low NOx heaters (clean combustion) for CO2 fertilization and heating in greenhouses.

Of course, all heaters meet the European requirements and special requirements for several countries outside Europe.

  • On the bottom of the page you can find product range brochure with short product description.
  • Whole product range can be found on official web page www.ermaf.nl.
  • Technical information, instructions, brochures, pictures, and more are available in our on-line Docuthek www.docuthek.com.

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