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Elster Kromschröder

Kromschroder is a leading manufacturer of gas controls and system solutions for the measuring and controlling gases as well as for the heating market.

Elster Kromschröder components are recognized as being of the highest quality. Well-known manufacturers of heating systems and industrial furnaces like to install them. As they too cannot accept the slightest compromise when it comes to safety, economy and reliability.

Approval or certification according to national or international norms and standards is a must for technical safety equipment and systems. You can refer to our document library, should you wish to check that our products have been granted such approvals and/or certifications. Please register with the Docuthek, if you wish to view the certificates.

Our product range includes the following: Manual valves and filters, Pressure regulators, Valves and butterfly valves, Pressure switches, Combination controls and MODULINE, Electronic flame detection and control, Pilot burners and burners, Thermo-electrical safety devices, and Accessories like Adjusting cocks, Flow meters, Pressure gauges, and more.

  • On the bottom of the page you can find product range brochure with short product description.
  • All other documents (technical information, instructions, brochures, pictures, 2D and 3D models, and more) for all products can be found on our on-line Docuthek www.docuthek.com, or official web page www.kromschroeder.com.

Elster Kromschröder Docuthek

Here you can find all the available documentation for all products Elster Group.
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Kromschröder Systems Technology

Website for designers and users of gas systems.
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