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Additional services

To make the selection of our products as simple as we can for our customers, and to additionally educate them, Elster Kromschröder provides a whole line of additional services:

Docuthek – document library

  • Online access to all current documents and software (technical information, operating instructions, photos, 2D and 3D models, and more)
  • The entire range of Elster Kromschröder documentation directly from a single source
  • Easy to navigate using selection windows
  • Detailed instructions for use available through online help
  • Free of charge registration, after which you get access to all documents
  • Information about new additions and changes sent by e-mail
  • User interface available in German, English or French as desired

KST (Kromschröder System Technology)

  • Website for planners and project engineers of gas systems
  • KST finder allows convenient searching for gas trains that suits your needs
  • Extracts from Standards, together with comments, broaden your specialist knowledge
  • Apps make your daily work easier e.g. when determining SIL and PL requirements, dimensioning the pipeline, and more
  • A Guide provides basic and expert knowledge

PartDetective – PartDetective spare parts list on DVD

  • Over 65,000 spare parts for over 5,000 different products
  • Save time spent on searching using the search function
  • Detailed instructions for use available through online help
  • Free of charge
  • User interface available in German or English, as desired
  • Any parts that are highlighted can be copied for use in Word/Excel or e-mail

ProFi (Product Finder)

  • This DVD contains a program to help you find our products
  • You can search by order number, type designation or full text
  • There is a detailed description for each product. These descriptions can be easily compared to quickly determine similarities and differences
  • You can switch between German, English and French on the user interface. The product descriptions are available in German and English
  • You will also find the Docuthek with all related technical documents on this DVD

Training courses

  • Our specialist courses are intended for operators of process heat systems, service personnel as well as planners and field workers
  • The seminars are held on English and German language at the Elster Kromschröder Information Centre in Osnabrück, Germany
  • Course fee includes extensive training material, Docuthek DVD and PartDetective DVD, KST activation code, and the opportunity to have a plant tour
  • For more details see the Course brochure

Elster Kromschröder Docuthek

Here you can find all the available documentation for all products Elster Group.
Read more | www.docuthek.com

Kromschröder Systems Technology

Website for designers and users of gas systems.
Read more | www.system-technik.info